When you work with the Reagan Holloway team, you receive much more than you do at your average financial advisory firm.

You get an education.


Now you can receive the R/H Market Insight Report FREE for one month.

The R/H Market Insight Report

The Reagan Holloway Market Insight Report is a well-respected, subscription-only newsletter that comes directly to your inbox. Free to Reagan-Holloway clients, the sought-after weekly report is easy-to-understand, illustrated, sometimes humorous but always educational. It shares some of the same market analysis and research you might learn as a student in one of the college courses Keith Reagan Sr. teaches at his prestigious alma mater — Williamsburg, Virginia’s William & Mary. As a Five-Star Wealth Manager by The Wall Street Journal, Keith Reagan Sr. rates as one of the nation’s best. People across the country subscribe to hear what he has to say about market history, changes, trends and analysis – and now you can, too.

Reagan Holloway University

We believe in educating and empowering our clients so they have confidence in their financial future. And now you can, too. At Reagan Holloway University, you will have access to a unique educational platform. As an instructor at his alma mater, Williamsburg, Virginia’s William & Mary, Keith Reagan Sr. is a natural educator. With his one-of-a-kind direct and relatable approach, he teaches clients the secrets of investing in a captivating way that gives you the education — and the power — to build wealth wisely.


Upcoming Courses

2023 Courses
  • The New ABCs of Investing
  • 30 Years of Lessons Learned
  • Beating the Wall Street
  • Financial Follies
  • Investing in the Time of Coronavirus 
  • The innovation Revolution
  • Understand Wealth Transfer
  • The Fed, U.S. Debt, Currency Manipulation, Inflation, & the Stock Market

Graduates of 3 courses receive a t-shirt.

Graduates of 5 courses earn a pint glass.