Our Approach

“Our clients tell us, ‘I get how it works now, and what you’re doing.’ And that’s our goal – that they understand why changes are made to their portfolio and what it means.”

What We Believe

Our beliefs are simple and straightforward. They are what we stand for and how we choose to do business.

“We don’t like convincing someone to buy anything. Instead, we explain why your account looks like it does, what your statement means and why we are reinvesting like we are. We discuss how The Federal Reserve really works or what is happening with interest rates. That’s how we work.”

We Believe



We unpackage the confusion of markets and investing. We educate our clients with a promise of transparency and invite trust, nurtured through authentic conversations, non-incentive-based advice and a passion for teaching, not selling. And we meet with clients four times a year to ensure we’re always on the same page.



Each person’s story is unique as should be their path to financial independence. That’s why we offer individualized and concierge services to match client needs. We invest our time to learn about you, personally, then guide you to your well-planned retirement. And, when you have a question, there’s no 800 number – you talk to one of us.



Wise choices require thorough research. Our research serves as the foundation we build upon to develop a tailor-made and transparent portfolio for each client, all the while giving them direct access to their money through Fidelity. Clients understand the “why” of their portfolios and play a part in their planning.

How We Work With You

We’ve developed our process from our years together. As a team-partnership approach, we nurture relationships and fiercely protect assets. It’s our roadmap. It lowers distractions, creates consistency, and keeps us honest about what we do best and how to do it. Here’s what to expect.

Our simple six-step process:


Come on in.
Meet with Christy, our Relationship Manager, for an informal introduction to the firm.

Meet Christy first. She’ll assess where you are from a financial standpoint and to determine your needs, goals, and priorities


Leave it to us.
When you're ready, drop off copies of your financial documents for us to organize and assess.


Real talk.
Meet Keith for a deep discussion and Q & A. (He’ll tell you he will see you in two weeks – you won’t sign anything or pay anything.)

Our experienced team identifies the approach and strategy, and products and financial tools that will best get you to where you need to be.


The tough stuff.
Keith will present a strategy and custom portfolio; you’ll review it in detail and only put it in play when you’re ready.

You’ll receive a playbook – your comprehensive, written guidebook tailored to you for growing and protecting your wealth. And, when you’re ready, can launch. Keith will continue to monitor and adjust as necessary.


Read all about it.
Receive the Reagan Holloway weekly newsletter that will detail everything current in the markets and industry.

Keith’s weekly newsletter is part education and part perspective. Connecting the dots of history, current market situations and potential impact.


Keeping it current.
Meet quarterly with Christy and Keith. 30% of each meeting includes portfolio review; 70% is discussion of the financial climate and education.