What We Do

The Reagan Holloway team offers a two-fold advantage:
It’s a boutique style firm with educated, hands-on financial advisors who offer independent portfolio advice.



Investing with Reagan Holloway is like buying a mutual fund and getting to read what the director of investments thinks every week with a personal financial concierge every day – and meeting with them both quarterly.




Reagan Holloway is an investment consulting practice providing portfolio management. Academic insight, timely communication and a rigorous screening discipline for investments helps us provide logical, customized and appropriate portfolios. Delivering old-fashioned, genuine service and professional investment advice are the only goals of Reagan Holloway.

Our Services

Our services are focused on our strengths. We don’t try to be all things to all people.
We focus on helping clients in the ways we are most experienced.

Portfolio Management
Investing with Reagan Holloway is like selecting a custom-built mutual fund where you get weekly updates from the portfolio manager and get to meet with the team regularly throughout the year.

Investment Consulting
In addition to our model portfolios, we offer consulting regarding your total portfolio no matter where the assets are held.

Asset Management
Our discipline is academically-based and built to decrease the short-term volatility that prevents the typical investor from profiting over the long-haul.

Wealth Transfer
Passing money to your heirs is not as easy as writing a will or a trust. We educate our clients and work with experienced professionals like attorneys and accountants to ensure a smoother transition.

Our clients and subscribers receive a weekly market insight report that is 100% original content. We also offer Reagan Holloway University – a unique educational platform using material developed for Keith’s classes at William & Mary.

Retirement Planning
Reducing current income taxes and building a nest egg require more than opening an IRA. In fact, sometimes an IRA is not even the right solution.

Employer Retirement Plans
Reagan Holloway offers access to world-class retirement plans through our partner, Fidelity.

Financial Planning
Many wealthy investors do not have the need for traditional financial planning. They have made their money and are in great shape. However, oftentimes it is helpful to see your financial plan on screen. We offer a fresh way of looking at information that you likely know by heart.

College Savings
There are many moving parts with college planning, and a 529 is not always the right answer. We cover all the bases.

Estate Planning/Trust Services
Reagan Holloway is not trying to be a one-stop-shop. We focus on our strengths, and utilize experienced professionals when needed for delicate matters like estate planning.

Our Two Big Goals

Build Wealth

Reagan Holloway’s independence, truth and transparency showcases their personality and personability. Through research, continuous client education and with the strength of the Fidelity platform, they aim to help clients understand the “why” and build their wealth to survive and thrive in today’s financial landscape.

Reduce Risk

Reagan Holloway’s process helps plan for the rough waters, the low places and avoid the crags. We educate our clients for thought ability and constantly monitor markets, adjusting portfolios to mitigate risk

Our Relationship With Fidelity

A Unique Relationship

Reagan Holloway
and Fidelity

Reagan Holloway is a portfolio manager on the Fidelity platform. Fidelity, a custodian, is a financial institution that has certain regulatory responsibilities for an investor’s securities. Investments of Reagan Holloway clients are placed in custody with Fidelity – one of the largest clearing providers in the industry. A clearing firm is an organization that, among other things, handles the execution, clearance and settlement of transactions. When investors select a financial advisor, considering who they use to custody their investments can be critical.

Because the firm is privately owned, Fidelity is able to make decisions based on long-term benefits – not short-term gains – for the investors it serves. For example, Fidelity has a history of reinvesting a large portion of its profits in technology and services, which can help enhance the products offered to clients.

Reagan Holloway’s selection of Fidelity Investments, one of the largest providers of financial services in the nation, enables us to offer the products, services and investments that can go a long way toward helping our clients meet their goals.

The Reagan Holloway Contingency and Succession Plan

Our clients turn to us because they trust us. In fact, they can not only count on us as fiduciaries to manage their portfolios in their best interest always but can also trust that we have plans in place if something unplanned would happen to our firm’s partners. We believe we are an important part of your life, and part of that means you are taken care of – no matter what.

The R/H Contingency and Succession Plan includes our solid and long-term relationship with Fidelity, our custodial partner and ensures:
• You would have the same access to your funds that you do today. Nothing would change.
• You and your investments and portfolio are protected and accessible.